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Summary In the Preface to A Theory of Justice
Rawls observes that “ d uring much of modern moral philosophy the predominant systematic theory has been


in normative ethics.

a tradition stemming from the th th century English philosophers and economists Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill according to which an action is right if it .

The alleged egalitarian impact of Rawls s theory is crucial again in normative ethics where Rawls is thought to have developed a major counter theory to .

In his seminal essay
‘Two Concepts of Rules’
John Rawls defends utilitarianism against a number of key objections Using the examples of unjust

This article addresses the three most important of Rawls s objections against the practicability of utilitarianism 1 that utilitarianism would generate too much .


the purpose of this paper is to provide a very close formal examination of Rawls ’s own arguments in support for his justice as fairness as well as his arguments .

Utilitarianism Rawls Essay.

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Pros and ConsB.M.. Consequentialism is a general moral theory that tells us that.

in any given situation.

we should perform those actions that lead to better overall consequences. There are generally two branches of Consequentialism Hedonism.

which tells us that the consequences we should pursue

Principles of John Rawls. While designing his justice theory.

Rawls has given two principles on which.

according to him is the core of the concept of justice. The concept of ‘original position’ played a significant role in Rawls ’ principles along with the ‘veil of ignorance.’. He believes to base these principles by imagining a group .

This article addresses the three most important of Rawls s objections against the practicability of utilitarianism 1 that utilitarianism would generate too much disagreement to be politically workable.

2 that a utilitarian society would be vulnerable to social instability.

and 3 that publicly adopting the principle of utility as the ultimate

Content Utilitarianism and Rawls

theory of justice are two ethical approaches that seek to guide how society should be structured to maximize fairness a


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I will discuss three theories of justice Mill’s Utilitarianism.

Rawls ’s Justice as Fairness

and Nozick’s libertarianism Much of my understanding of theories of justice comes from Business Ethics Third Edition

but I do not necessarily .

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John Rawls b. 1921. d 2002 was an American political philosopher in the liberal tradition His theory of justice as fairness describes a s
and .

Justice The idea of justice occupies centre stage both in ethics

and in legal and political philosophy We apply it to individual actions
to laws.

and to public policies

and we think in each case that if they are unjust this is a strong.

maybe even conclusive.

reason to reject them Classically

justice was counted as one of the four .

Essay Questions. Please answer one of the following essay questions Explain and evaluate the role that the “veil of ignorance” plays in Rawls ’ liberal egalitarianism. Explain how John Rawls ’ conception of ‘justice as fairness’ differs from utilitarian accounts of justice.

with reference to the ‘difference principle’..

Perhaps the most salient feature of Rawls s theory of justice.


1971 which at once attracts supporters and repels critics is its apparent egalitarian conclusion as to how economic goods are to be distributed. Indeed.

many of Rawls s sympathizers may find this result intuitively appealing.

and regard it as Rawls s enduring contribution to .

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